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Hair Coloring

Permanent type: Peroxide makes hair coloring "permanent". The peroxide swells and softens the hair so that after 90% of the processing time, the hair is ready to take on the color. That preparation time is important.

Bleach and Tone: When the hair is bleached in a separate step from the coloring process, it is called "Bleach and tone". More of the orginal or tinted color can be lifted for a more exact color result using this process. If the hair has a lot of stain from previous color applications, then a dye solvent needs to be used first. This process is listed under "Corrective Works". It is time consuming and expensive.

Up to 40 vol. peroxide with enhancing products added.

Brow and Lash Tint: Hair dye on the brows and lashes is illegal in Colorado, so we use a stain made of wood bark. It doesn't last very long.

Color Weave: Small partings of hair are colored independently. It takes a long time and is very exacting. Please note, the price for this service is the starting price and can be more depending on the services offered.

Henna: This is a non-peroxide color that is really a stain type color. There are a few choices of shades but it makes the hair feel great and can be premed with hena without damage.

Henna is a plant. Years ago when hippies ruled, they wanted everything to be "natural" and they wouldn't think of using "dye" on their hair. But alas and alack! Hippies turn gray too! What to do? Don't want gray hair but must be true to "nature"Wala! A plant! But henna was so red! In come scientists (probably hippies also) who grew the henna in different soils and added some herbs and POOF! A variety of different hair colors and "natural."

We use henna at flair-do to get a non-peroxide hair color that works great in conjunction with perms. Not total gray coverage, it just "takes the edge off."Henna gives a light brown or blond cast to the white hairs, which blend nicely with the dark hairs.

Subtle in the word, just a mild change.

Highlights: Small amounts of hair are pulled through a cap and the color is changed on the exposed hair only.

Permanent: Permanent always means that peroxide is used.

Semi color has a lesser volume of peroxide.

Refresher Color: It has no peroxide with it. The hair is porous enough from former treatments to absorb just enough color to enhance the existing hair color.

Styling With Color: This price is for hair styling and is added to the cost of the color.