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Cutting is done wet or dry, with a variety of tools, depending on the desired look. We talk a lot about style before we start the cut.

We do wet or dry, scissor, razor, or clipper cuts. We have many books of styles and discuss the look before starting the cut; and of course, we'll teach you how to get the look that you see in the book.

Hair grows one half inch per month. Illness may slow it down but nothing will speed it up the growth.

Does hair grow faster in the summer?
Sure, by one thirty second of an inch. That’s a difference that is hard to see!

Cowlicks are growth patterns. The angle of the root under the skin determines in which direction the hair will go.

Hair cannot be "trained" to go against the way hair wants to go!

Shaving does not make the hair grow in courser, it just seems like it. A cuticle or protective shaft follows the hair out of the skin, when this is shaved off it feels very course. As soon as the hair grows past the protective shaft, it feels soft again.