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Nails and Manicures

Watch for allergies to products and also check for fungus. Each are easily remedied with the proper products.

Buff & Polish Change: Its just a "touch-up" to last until the next rebase.

Full Set of Nails: You have never had nails put on? Or, you've had them off for a while and want the nails put on again.(Too much yard work!) The complete nail is covered with one of many products.

Manicure: It is grooming for the nails, cuticles, and hands, and it feels great.

Pedicure: A manicure for the toes! and a massage of feet and legs too.

Rebase: Just the new growth is filled in that you grew out over the last 2 weeks. A full set takes longer than a rebase.

Removal of Artificial Nails: Does your job require no artificial nails, or are you going to be where no rebases are available? You can always have them back at a later date.

Single Nail: Did you pop one off, or did it break? So have a manicure and fix only the nails that need it.