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Perms are used to literally flatten the hair. Naturally curly hair is flat, wavy hair is oval. Straight hair is round. So the job of the perm is to flatten each hair. This is accomplished by removing some oxygen, which swells the hair that is then flattened according to the rod size used. The neutralizer puts oxygen back into the hair and hardens it into the flattened state. "Tight curl” can mean rod size, or the amount of flatness produced. This needs to be discussed before beginning the perm.

Naturally curly hair is flat, so when we perm hair, we flatten it. (fake natural curl!!) How flat we make it is important, Also, the size of the rods is important. Your wave pattern is chosen by rod size. No, smaller rods won't make it last longer. Hair grows one half inch a month. In 3 months, your perm is 1 & 1/2 inches from your scalp, no matter what size rods were used! If your hair is color treated, then you need a perm for that kind of porosity. A filler will help even out the porosity if the color had been over lapped.